Brothers in Arms

The Hairy Man & A Simple Misunderstanding

The brothers travelled to Hafzig to gauge the feasibility of constructing a canal between Wissenland and the Border Princes to ease trade. 

On the way up, the brothers were asked to investigate the disappearance of an apothecary from the village of Halbherzig. Turns out she disappeared because she had accidentally summoned a chaos creature and had to lock herself away to protect herself from it. The brothers found and killed the creature but the apothecary herself escaped and was able to complete a ritual giving her control of all the villagers. The brothers fled the village to avoid being lynched. The army will soon be dispatched to deal with this uprising.


On the journey back the brothers stayed at an inn currently being visited by a Witch Hunter and his retinue. They were searching for mutants and questioned everyone but found none. In the morning the innkeep had been robbed so the brothers volunteered to find the thief and retrieve his money. The search led to a ruined Shallyan temple which was home to several mutants. The mutants attacked at first but then a priestess of Shallya appeared and calmed the situation. The peace was short lived when the Witch Hunter arrived and demanded that the brothers slay the mutants. Not wishing to harm a priestess of Shallya, the brothers attacked the Witch Hunter. Although none of the witch hunters were killed, the brothers did manage to fight them off and save the mutants and the priestess. Nikolaus effectively banished the mutants and priestess from the lands of Khypris and then he and his brothers fled back to the capital to avoid the witch hunters.

Rotten To The Core

Whilst out on the town Steiner approached the brothers and asked them to help a merchant in locating a stolen amulet. A group of wealthy Brettonians had arrived in Khypris and had been entertained by a group of ladies. One of the ladies had stolen the amulet and the merchant was eager to get it back before the Brettonians noticed. This simple act of theft led to an investigation that uncovered corruption at the very heart of Khypris itself.

The Brettonians were cultists of Nurgle and sought to disrupt and corrupt the festival dedicated to Shallya.

The first attack came when a man burst from the crowd and tried to kill a priestess playing the role of a Shallyan saint. The assassin was killed but he then melted into maggots!

The second attempt came during a purification ritual, a cultist tried to infiltrate the ceremony by disguising himself as a priest. The brothers stopped him before the holy waters could be corrupted though.

The brothers (after much searching and investigation) discovered an underground temple dedicated to Nurgle and home to cultists. It was here that the cultists sought to bring forth a corrupted champion. The champion was summoned but was eventually slain by the brothers.

The cultists were all slain except for one, a fat ginger man by the name of Alan. He is still at large…

Cannibal Commotion

A wizard acquaintance of Thyrus Eininger arrived in Khypris seeking help to reclaim his ancestral inhertiance. Despite Nikolaus' misgivings the brothers were ordered to accompany the wizard into the mountain ranges of the Border Princes to locate a hidden tower.

The tower was located high in the mountains near to a village that had mysteriously lost several inhabitants, including the local priest. The brothers eventually found the ruined tower but it had been desecrated and spoiled by a tribe of cannibalistic Zani. There was nothing of value left in the tower as the tomes of knowledge were long since destroyed. 

The dejected brothers left the tower but were ambushed by the cannibals. The fight was brutal and the brothers barely managed to escape with their lives. Johann was struck down by an infected wound to his face but was saved by surgery on his return to Khypris.

Missing lumber shipments leads to an investigation of a plague outbreak

The town of Hafzig had stopped supplying lumber shipments to Khypris, the brothers were dispatched to investigate along with Jaeger the outrider and guide.

Upon arrival the town was found to be in the grip of a plague panic. The innkeeper, his employees and a mysterious stranger had been quarantined as they had begun to mutate due to a mysterious plague.

The brothers learned that the local priestess of Shallya had gone missing so they decided to track her down first. A tentacled mutant was found on the trail but was swiftly killed by Jaeger, Nikolaus and Johann before he could speak. The mutant had seemingly killed a member of an Empire militia. The priestess was eventually found in a bandit encampment having been captured after she had fled town. The bandits had been slaughtered by beastmen but they had, in turn, succumbed to the plague. A puzzle box was found in the bandit's stash and was given to Magnus to decode. The priestess admitted she had no holy powers or much skill in the healing arts as she was merely a student of theology. She set off to the south to escape the town as she couldn't bear to go back to Hafzig and admit the truth.

Later that night, the brothers were staying in town when they heard a disturbance at the pallisade and the inn. A half dozen robed figures broke into the inn and the brothers followed. A fight between the two camps ensued inside which led to the death of all but one of the mysterious robed men. One of the men appeared rat-like and managed to escape during the melee.

The next day the brothers visited the bailiff's former abode in the woods. The robed figures had been searching the bailiff's room in the inn. It was unclear what they sought, but a large key which belonged to a lock in the house was found in the bailiff's room. The house was abandoned as it was said to be haunted. The brothers found a large padlock over the cellar door. In the cellar was the skeletal remains of a skaven chained to a door set in the floor. The door was magically sealed so the brothers locked the cellar up and left it alone.

During the journey back to Hafzig, the puzzlebox was opened and a small piece of a shroud was found within. The shroud was a holy relic of Shallya and was said to contain healing properties. The brothers had the shroud placed on the sick villagers. The shroud instantly cured them of plague. Each time the shroud was used the faint impression on the cloth faded a little, this will probably fade away to nothing when the magic within is completely consumed.

Eckhart, the local lumber master, explained that the lumber was now being sold to a merchant from the Empire called Stoker. The brothers visited Stoker and explained that the lumber was required by Khypris. Stoker was merely a middle man for a count from Wissenland (?) who had discovered the unique properties of the local lumber. Nikolaus arranged a future meeting between Stoker, the lumber merchant in Khypris, and Gerhard Von Braun, in order to resolve the dispute.

The brothers then set off back to Khypris whilst keeping an eye out for the coachman that had previously left Hafzig to get help in containing the plague. The coachman and coach were eventually found on the road. The coachman had been killed by bandits and a nearby boat had also been wrecked and looted. Upon investigating the boat the brothers found a survivor, a delirious Witch Hunter who attacked Johann and chased him from the boat. The Witch Hunter was eventually slain and a strange mask was found concealed in the boat. The mask was left behind and the brothers continued on to the nearest town.

Whilst in the town the brothers witnessed an actor (Mr. Barb) being thrown out of a local tavern. The actor approached the brothers and offered to stage a performance of his new play on his personal ship for them. The play was heretical as it mocked Sigmar and suggested that he covorted with daemons. During the play Barb accused the brothers of slaying a Witch Hunter and stealing something. A fight broke out which ended with all but one of the actors dead. The remaining actor escaped by diving overboard.

Realising that the actors must have been talking about the mask Magnus went back to the Witch Hunter's wrecked boat and retrieved it for further study. The brothers arrived back in Khypris for some well earned rest.


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