Gerhard Von Braun

Ruler of Khypris


The ruler of Khypris and head of the Von Brauns. After his wife was injured during the birth of the twins, he took solace in the arms of a common woman and produced a bastard son, Johann. Gerhard acknowledged the child as his own and him brought up with his other sons.

Gerhard is a descendent of a mercenary leader that captured Khypris and held the territory against greenskin incursion a century or two ago. The Von Brauns are of Empire stock and still maintain some Empire customs to this day.

Gerhard runs his princedom with a tight fiscal policy. He is ably assisted by Albrecht Steiner in this regard. Gerhard always seeks to make the most of any business opportunity or any chance to increase productivity and profit in Khypris.

Due to the history of Khypris as protectors of the Empire from greenskin incursion, Gerhard is always keen to remove any threats to the region and would not consider dealing with such creatures.

Gerhard is a feared man in court as he can make a man cringe in fear with a glance or a barbed insult (of which he is fond). This does not make him overly popular with the ruling class but it does keep his court under control.


Gerhard Von Braun

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