Nikolaus Von Braun

Exiled noble and eldest brother


Career Path: Noble, Pistolier, Duellist


Nikolaus was the first twin to be born and is the heir to Khypris. Nikolaus is almost the opposite of his twin brother Magnus. He is atheltic, tall and charming whereas his brother is short, sickly and awkward.

Nikolaus enjoys his status as a noble and can be frequently found propping up the bars of Khypris. Nikolaus has enjoyed a wide and varied education due to his status as heir and is trained in combat as well as public speaking and diplomacy.

Nikolaus gets on well with his bastard brother Johann despite Johann's dubious activites and they often visit taverns together. Nikolaus feels protective of his weaker twin Magnus but doesn't socialise with him too often as he finds him dull and overly studious.

Nikolaus recently married Isabella De Marchere becoming heir to the neighbouring province as well as Khypris.

Nikolaus and his brothers fled Khypris and the Border Princes when they were betrayed by their household staff. Khypris is now in the hands of Chaos whilst the Von Brauns are hiding in the Empire, plotting their revenge…

Nikolaus Von Braun

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