Brothers in Arms

The Whale the size of a whale

From the journals of Magnus Von Braun

A strange creature washed ashore south of Khypris causing much uproar amongst the peasants. The creature was a 50ft long sea beast, covered with deep scars (which, to my trained eye looked more like hieroglyphs). When attempts were made to move the beast, its sides split releasing its foul insides onto the gathering crowds. Once the disgusting tide had ceased, a pair of bodies were found, presumably having been swallowed by the creature. The first was a peasant woman of no import. The second was a man dressed in more fashionable clothing and, after a brief search, a Matorcan guild seal was discovered inside a pocket.

Journeying to Matorca, the man was identified as Jan Muller, a merchant of some note. He had set off about five days ago to a vineyard to the south of Matorca and had failed to return. The vineyard showed signs of an attack and, following the culprit’s trail, we discovered an old watchtower that had been claimed by mutants. Worshippers of an obscure shark deity, the mutants had been sacrificing people to their god by feeding them to the sea-beast. We dispatched the mutants and confiscated their ill gotten gains. Of more disturbing note was that there was a member of our family guard working with the mutants. We were unable to question the man as he died of his wounds but Nikolaus wants to question the other guards back home on his involvement


Galrick Knicknevin

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