Brothers in Arms

The Hound

From the Journals of Magnus Von Braun

On the trail back from the watchtower evidence of a fight was found by Jaeger. A brief detour led us to a dead man dressed in vagrant’s clothing. Stuffed into a pocket was a crude map showing the mountains north of Khypris. Scribbled notes on the map mentioned a name – Sergeir – and a place – Beckhaven. Nikolaus was not interested in following up this lead due to the remote locations the map described.

Word has reached us of a group of Norscans who have begun building a settlement across the river from Matorca. I suspect father will want to send emissaries there to determine their intentions.

From the Journals of Magnus Von Braun

My life has been turned upside down due to the meddling of those blasted witch hunters! Following on from the incident with Hieronymus a few months back, word has arrived the Sigmarites are sending more witch hunters to arrest me for my sorcery use. To escape these ridiculous accusations, I have had to fake my own death and relocate to the sewers of Khypris. Fortunately our previous explorations of this foul realm have furnished me with a crude abode where I can continue my studies in peace.

From the Journals of Magnus Von Braun

I am safe for now. A witch hunter named Thulman has questioned the other members of the family on my use of sorcery and has left assuming I have been burnt at the stake for my crimes. For now I shall remain hidden until the Sigmarites have forgotten about these incidents. On the plus side I was able to avoid the marriage of my eldest brother to the daughter of Marcheur, ruler of the neighbouring lands. Father hopes the marriage will allow us to claim Marcheur’s lands on his eventual death. I won’t miss my boisterous brother’s drunken antics and the usual after effects these tend to bring the following day.

From the Journals of Magnus Von Braun

Nikolaus has requested I accompany him on a training mission. Apparently father wants him to learn how to look after his horse properly. While riding through the forested regions of the neighbouring lands we were attacked by berserk humans. The sheer number of these madmen forced us to take cover within the local charcoal burner’s hut. Before these tainted creatures could break into the hut, a group of soldiers arrived and finished off our enemies.

One of the soldiers, a Corporal named Fleegling, explained that they were hunting the berserkers and suggested we travel with the group to their camp at a nearby castle. There we were introduced to the leader of the group, Captain Kolberzeim. It soon became apparent the soldiers were acting strangely and they soon took us captive, throwing us into the dungeons. It was there that we saw the cause of the strange behaviour and the appearance of the berserkers. The soldiers had captured a chaos beast – a large humanoid with the head of a vicious hound.

Formulating a plan to escape, Johan picked the lock on our cell and attempted to free the chaos creature, hoping it would cause the distraction we need. Fate has never been kind to Johan and he managed to break his lock picks. Fortunately, the chaos beast had more than enough rage to break out of its cage anyway. While it ripped through the soldiers we managed to retrieve our belongings and rode to safety. Nickolaus will send some of our militia after the chaos beast once we get back to the safety of home


Galrick Knicknevin

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