Brothers in Arms

The Hairy Man & A Simple Misunderstanding

The brothers travelled to Hafzig to gauge the feasibility of constructing a canal between Wissenland and the Border Princes to ease trade. 

On the way up, the brothers were asked to investigate the disappearance of an apothecary from the village of Halbherzig. Turns out she disappeared because she had accidentally summoned a chaos creature and had to lock herself away to protect herself from it. The brothers found and killed the creature but the apothecary herself escaped and was able to complete a ritual giving her control of all the villagers. The brothers fled the village to avoid being lynched. The army will soon be dispatched to deal with this uprising.


On the journey back the brothers stayed at an inn currently being visited by a Witch Hunter and his retinue. They were searching for mutants and questioned everyone but found none. In the morning the innkeep had been robbed so the brothers volunteered to find the thief and retrieve his money. The search led to a ruined Shallyan temple which was home to several mutants. The mutants attacked at first but then a priestess of Shallya appeared and calmed the situation. The peace was short lived when the Witch Hunter arrived and demanded that the brothers slay the mutants. Not wishing to harm a priestess of Shallya, the brothers attacked the Witch Hunter. Although none of the witch hunters were killed, the brothers did manage to fight them off and save the mutants and the priestess. Nikolaus effectively banished the mutants and priestess from the lands of Khypris and then he and his brothers fled back to the capital to avoid the witch hunters.


Galrick Jaxvor

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