Brothers in Arms

Rotten To The Core

Whilst out on the town Steiner approached the brothers and asked them to help a merchant in locating a stolen amulet. A group of wealthy Brettonians had arrived in Khypris and had been entertained by a group of ladies. One of the ladies had stolen the amulet and the merchant was eager to get it back before the Brettonians noticed. This simple act of theft led to an investigation that uncovered corruption at the very heart of Khypris itself.

The Brettonians were cultists of Nurgle and sought to disrupt and corrupt the festival dedicated to Shallya.

The first attack came when a man burst from the crowd and tried to kill a priestess playing the role of a Shallyan saint. The assassin was killed but he then melted into maggots!

The second attempt came during a purification ritual, a cultist tried to infiltrate the ceremony by disguising himself as a priest. The brothers stopped him before the holy waters could be corrupted though.

The brothers (after much searching and investigation) discovered an underground temple dedicated to Nurgle and home to cultists. It was here that the cultists sought to bring forth a corrupted champion. The champion was summoned but was eventually slain by the brothers.

The cultists were all slain except for one, a fat ginger man by the name of Alan. He is still at large…


Galrick Jaxvor

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