Brothers in Arms

Cannibal Commotion

A wizard acquaintance of Thyrus Eininger arrived in Khypris seeking help to reclaim his ancestral inhertiance. Despite Nikolaus' misgivings the brothers were ordered to accompany the wizard into the mountain ranges of the Border Princes to locate a hidden tower.

The tower was located high in the mountains near to a village that had mysteriously lost several inhabitants, including the local priest. The brothers eventually found the ruined tower but it had been desecrated and spoiled by a tribe of cannibalistic Zani. There was nothing of value left in the tower as the tomes of knowledge were long since destroyed. 

The dejected brothers left the tower but were ambushed by the cannibals. The fight was brutal and the brothers barely managed to escape with their lives. Johann was struck down by an infected wound to his face but was saved by surgery on his return to Khypris.


Galrick Jaxvor

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